my back huuuuurts

I didn't go to work today. I woke up with a terrible backache.
But I already took my medicine and I hope it gets better, so I can go by the afternoon.

Yesterday Brazil's match was AWESOME! 3x0! During Brazil's games the country literally stops. There are no opened shops, or buses in the streets. Everybody watches the game and cheers the goals. But they sometimes exagerate: at 11pm there were many people on the streets still drinking and celebrating, but it was monday, so come on.
I watched it with my bf then after the game we watched Clash of the Titans. Yes, it's a nice movie, but not the kind I wanna watch again and again.

haha, something I noticed.

the difference between my shoe size and my bf's.
mine are the smaller ones, ok?

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still here

It has been months since my last post.
All that I had hoped for happened to me. I'm working and studying this year. (now I'm on vacation from college )
The worst part is that I don't have much time for myself. I gave up dancing and I have just a few moments with my bf, only the weekends.
But I'm managing everything. Making it work.
Now I have money to spend on my stuff and go out. (I wanna post here all the things I bought with my OWN money!) 
I wish I could work less , but let's pray for this to happen the next year.

my new nintendo ds?

DS found! °o°

Some time ago I found a DS lite lost on the street after a pouring rain!
It was still working but the screens were damaged. It was forgotten on my boyfriend's drawer until he decided to fix it. He ordered many a few pieces on ebay and found a nice tutorial explaining how to change them. But that was in november, it was supposed to be fixed on christmas.
The problem is the brazilian post office. I guess it's the worst service in the world! No wonder so many etsy and ebay sellers refuse to send to Brazil. Only yesterday the first parts arrived - the recharger, pens and the touch screen, thanks God! Now let's hope for the next parts arrive too!

Ha, and remember the PRETTY short-skirt Amuro Namie Style that I bought? It didn't arrive either...

another step towards independence

Soooo, I made it!
I'm a college girl now! (I'm gonna study English/Portuguese!)
And I fortunatelly got 70 on my TOEFL test and was invited to make a new course: learn how to give classes for a schoolarship contest. I hope I can do it!

And I got my christmas gift from my boyfriend, this lovely MARIE BAG!
I bought a few presents for him (four to be exact) but I still don't know how to give it to him, I'm trying to figure out a creative way to do it.

I can wait for the 30th! I'm spending the new year'r eve on the beach! Just me, my boyfriend and a few friends. I hope time runs fast!

That's a picture of us on the same beach last february. Click to view it larger on my flickr page.

No Poupée screenshot today, haha.

Xmas, shopping and hopes!

Natal chegando.
Poupée já entrou no clima.

haha, sempre tento parecer sexy ;P

Amanhã saio pra fazer as compras de natal com meu namorado. O presente dele vou comprar pela internet. Também vou fazer minha matrícula na faculdade, passei em Letras/Língua inglesa! E na quinta farei minha prova de proficiência em inglês, o TOEFL. Tirando uma boa nota e estando matriculada na facul aumentam minhas chances de ser contratada. Espero começar o próximo ano com um emprego e estudando. ( ´ ▽ ` ) Vai ser tudo muito corrido com certeza. Mas espero conseguir levar. ( ^ _ ^)∠☆


Tests, movies and dolls

Last weekend I made 2 important tests. Here in Brazil we call it "vestibular", an evaluation for acceptance on college. I hope I can succeed on at least one! ρ(′▽`o)ノ゙So my chances to get a jog at my english course would raise a lot.
Next weekend I have one more.. Fingers crossed! ♪(*^ー゜)v

Ha, today I watched a nice movie at my course, its name is "Teach me english", a korean movie about a girl who has to learn english to improve her job, but she falls in love with a guy in her classroom who doesn't see her as a woman. It's very funny and nonsensical, as many romantic korean movies. I recommend!


→ My most recent poupée. Burlesque style.

→ Do you have a Poupée too? Feel free to add me!


I bought a GORGEOUS lace shorts on ebay!
And it was shipped yesterday. I can't wait to get it!

Comprei esse short LINDO no ebay!
E foi enviado ontem, mal posso esperar pra chegar!

I always dreamt with a short like that, it looks a lot like the little ones that my diva NAMIE AMURO wears under her clothes on stage.

Sempre quis ter um short desses, parece muito com os que a minha diva NAMIE AMURO usa por baixo das roupas nos shows.



Estreando meu novo livejournal. TA DA!
O nome do outro já estava em desuso (fdandaland??) e eu o utilizava mais pra compartilhar icons e gráficos.
Sentia saudade de blogar, durante anos mantive blogs. ^^
E como não tenho mais cabeça pra ficar mexendo em HTML, PHP resolvi criar uma nova conta aqui mesmo. Achei até esse layout lindo. \o/
Agora só espero continuar atualizando isso aqui, nem que seja com inutilidades. =D